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Back in 2012, we were all tired of the same "one time wash" and bland clothing brands out in the fishing industry. Everything was somewhat cool but substandard quality or just not up to date. So instead of trying to get a brand to give us better quality and a change in style to fit a more modern and dynamic demographic, we decided to create and launch Fish and Fame to do just that! 

Our first stop, The Fred Hall Shows 2013 in Long Beach, CA. It's here where Fish and Fame launched and never looked back. But, we would not be here today without the support from local distributers like 22nd Street Sportfishing, Pointloma Sportfishing, BigFish Bait & Tackle, Taka's Bait & Tackle to name a few and especially support from our loyal customers.  

Today, we continue to make it a priority to keep a fresh look and dynamic style while upholding the best of quality. We have a commitment in providing products that hold their quality and don't shrink after the first wash or look faded. Of course things wear out but we should always be able to enjoy them first. We wear what you wear and if we wouldn't wear it, we sure wouldn't pass it on to you.

Whether fishing is a hobby, competitive sport, or ideally, do it for a living, fishing is all about having a good time so go fish!     

Feel free to write us and give us your input by using the CONTACT form or email us directly at

By mail: Fish and Fame Inc. P.O.Box 1151, Orange, Ca. 92856

We're always open for your positive suggestions and comments. Thank you and good luck on your next catch!